Saturday, 25 October 2014


Our students love to build a variety of structures. Each day they create something new and work together to build castles, towers, motorcycles and so much more!

A hotel.
"We made roads so they can get in the parking spots for the cars."- P.D
"These are for the cars to jump" (pointing at the ramp)- A.C.
"When it’s night time the diamonds are so they know where to go, they can see right where it is" - P.D.
You'll notice 'Floppy' has made an appearance again this year! Click here to learn the story behind Floppy! 

A race track that snaked all over the classroom!
Our School
We wanted to encourage the students to build different structures so we placed 'structure cards' with famous or familiar structures in the centre to inspire them. It worked, their creations were amazing!

Cinderella's Castle
CN Tower
Eiffel Tower
Golden Gate Bridge
a ship 
Canada's Parliament Building

The students are learning many skills when they are playing and building in the block centre. 

Here is a graphic I found from a blog that highlights the benefits of block play.

Here is a graphic showing the benefits of block play
(Click the photo for the source)

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