Sunday, 7 June 2015

Now Boarding Room 122 Airlines!

The students began talking about what our drama centre should become next. We decided to brainstorm some ideas and then take a vote. We had four fabulous ideas to choose from.

As you can see, airport was the clear choice. So, the students quickly began to plan what we would need for the airport and draw pictures of airplanes and airports. 

They got to work right away. Obviously, the most important part of an airplane is the TVs, so they made those first! ("Ms. Tompkins, we need TVs!!").

Adding the 'help button'

A 'Cars' movie
Even Ms. Tompkins got in on the fun!
A butterfly movie

Creating the sign
Making seat numbers 

Passports, stamps, boarding passes and a scanner
Our passports
We took passport photos (they weren't smiling, so they are authentic).
Students brainstormed a list of destination countries and we created a schedule 
Working on the controls for the airplane

Our airplane
With everything in place, the students began exploring the globe! The pilots flew the planes, the flight attendants ensured the passengers were being safe and the passengers read books and watched TV.

We read books and watched videos about airplanes and airports. The students were fascinated by a TSA (USA Transportation Security Administration) video (click here for the video) about the security process. A group decided we needed to make our own security for the airport.

Creating the baggage x-ray 
Creating the computer for the x-ray machine
"Ms. Tompkins, we need the cylinders so the bags can roll" They wrote letters asking the other classes to save their paper towel rolls.
'Security' and 'X-Ray Machine'
Computer that shows the x-ray
Turns out Room 122 Airlines uses Mac computers.
I was reading with a small group of students, when I looked up and saw some students walking around in their socks. I quickly went over and asked them why they didn't have their shoes on. "Ms. Tompkins, we are going to security". They were taking their shoes off, putting them in bins and putting them through the machine. 

Checking the computer to see if it's safe
 It has been exciting to see the students use their personal experiences to dramatize different roles. They have been having amazing discussions with each other comparing travel stories and sharing their understanding of planes. I am continually amazed by how observant and creative children are. Many have been applying their knowledge of traveling to 'Room 122 Airlines', by sharing stories of when they were at an airport. Others have been sharing information from books or shows they have seen. They are working together to build a better overall understanding of how airports and airplanes work.

We are now boarding in Room 122!

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  1. This inquiry really took off. Quite literally. Excellent.