Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Central Park in Room 122

We decided to change our drama centre. The students came up with a few ideas and we voted. The students voted on Central Park! So our educator team sat down and brainstormed ways we could ensure there would be learning along with fun in Central Park. We have been really impressed with how it's turned out, the students have been learning lots.

Students created birds for bird watching.
Lots of vocabulary available for the students to support their writing.

More birds to watch.
Our Central Park food stand. Students are using money and writing menus here. 
Our students can follow different trails (straight, zig zag, diagonal, red, yellow, green) in Central Park.

The students have loved bird watching using binoculars...

I.S. and I.D. wanted to record how many people come to the food stand. They decided to keep track using tallies.
Or in some cases, people watching! They are experimenting with the binoculars and have found out one direction the birds (or people) are close and the other way they are far away.

Creating a map of the trails in Central Park.
Writing wonders about the park.

 Social media has been so wonderful in sharing our learning with families and teachers. We've started using social media to help us learn! We tweeted our wonder to the @centralparknyc account. We are so grateful to the people working in Central Park and their kindness in responding to our wonder! Thank you!
Check out our Twitter account (@learninginrm122) to see the full dialogue!

We are excited to continue learning about the real Central Park!

We planted a garden in Central Park.


Exploring the boats and lily pads in the pond 
A group of students were curious about how much our plants were growing. They used measuring tapes and then recorded their findings on a graph. They will be measuring and recording everyday. They created signs in the garden to remind them what plant they measured.
I.D & A.R created frogs for our pond.
"We can measure in Room 122"- I.L
"I measure this plant" -I.D.
"I measure this plant everyday I come to school" -A.Ah

A.R measuring her plant.

We watched 'Stuart Little' on his boat race in the Central Park pond. The students wanted to make their own sailboats. 
While it may seem chaotic, so many great learning moments were happening--conversations, problem solving, identifying shapes and working those fine motor skills.

Testing out their sailboats

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  1. This inquiry has been an incredible growth opportunity for the children. I'm amazed at their wonders and how far it's taken them. Congratulations, room 122!!