Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Our New Inquiry: Snails

We have Outdoor Learning scheduled into our week. Each week, we have focused learning outdoors. One day we were exploring in the big yard behind the school. The students were using 'scientist goggles' to observe the yard closely. They found many leaves and stones. But, the most exciting find was three snails.

Looking at the snail on the other side of the fence

They asked to bring them into our classroom. So we quickly set up a home for our new pets.

The students wanted to name the snails, so we voted practicing using tallies.

We set up a provocation with loose parts for students to create snails

Another teacher on staff told us she had lots of snails in her yard, so she brought in six more snails for us to have in our classroom. We moved the snails into a larger home and began to observe them and share lots of wonders.

L.R.- I wonder how much slime they have?  

I.S- I wonder where snails live?

A.P- they live in the shell

I.S.- if they want to go somewhere, they poke their head out. They go inside the shell when they are scared. 

E.B- I wonder why they are just sliding?

A.Ah- I wonder why snails are black and white?

I.L- I wonder why the snails has those things that stick out on the eyes?

A.Ah- I wonder what country do snails come from?

J.C- how do they stick out their head?

"He is drinking the water on the glass" The students were excited to see the snail's mouth.
We watched videos, read books and observed our snails. The students used their observation skills and then represented their understanding through painting.

L.R. wrote a list about the things snails climb. They climb rocks, trees, leaves and sticks.

We are excited to continue to learn about snails!

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