Sunday, 10 April 2016

'Room 122 Science Lab'

Our learners voted to turn our drama centre into a science lab. Some students had lots of background knowledge, while others didn’t know what a lab was. In order to encourage their creativity in what we needed to have in a lab, we took a 'field trip' in the school-- upstairs to the science lab!

Our learners were paired with Grade 8 students who gave them a tour of the lab and equipment. Our learners recorded their learning through pictures and words. They became very excited! Our list of what we needed for our lab started to grow. 

Learners have lots of background knowledge about scientists. We are excited to continue to expand this knowledge.

The students then worked together to create the lab by making signs and labelling the baskets.

Thanks to the families who donated 'lab coats'.

Students love taking on the role of scientists, not only in the drama centre but during experiments. They put on their safety equipment to ensure they are protected when working in the lab. They wear their safety goggles, safety gloves and lab coats. They enjoy mixing chemicals to make "powerful solutions". 

We will continue to learn about being a scientist.

Since scientists ask questions, we have been reading various books to promote wonders and curiosity.

Our learners tell us that scientists work with dangerous chemicals. When they brought this up, we used it as an opportunity for a lesson on some environmental print: the hazard symbols.

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